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Waterdrop Provides Medical Services:

Insured Medical Services

There are services covered by OHIP, included, but not limited to the followings:

-- Well baby check up and immunization

-- Preconception counselling and Prenatal initial screening

-- Women's health includes routine pap

-- STD counselling and screening

-- Annual physical exams

-- Chronic medical conditions management for all age groups

-- Minor procedures: warts treatment; laceration repair, suture removal; abscess drainage and packing etc.

-- Referrals to specialists

Uninsured Medical Services

There are services offered at the clinic that are NOT covered by the OHIP including: 

-- Third Party Physical Check ups for Work, Education, Driver's License Exam, etc.

-- Physician's Note: Sick Note/ School form/ Insurance Note

-- Travel Vaccine Injection

-- Warts Treatment Other Than Foot /GU Area

--  TB Test

-- Visitors' medical services not covered by OHIP

Onsite Lab Services

-- blood work

-- ECG

-- Spirometry (lung function test)

-- 24 hour BP monitoring

-- 48 hr holter monitoring


Waterdrop  Provides Cosmetic Services:


-- Botox/Filler Injection/ double chin fat dissolving injection (done by Dr. Shi)

-- Skin Rejuvenation: Thermage/ Picosure/ Redensity/PRP/ IPL laser treatment

      for skin tightening, pigmentation removal, acne/hair removal (done by Stella)

-- Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture treatment (done by Dr. Liang)

-- Registered Massage Therapy (done by Stella)

WeChat is for Cosmetic counselling purpose only, not for medical advice.

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